Managing the administrative tasks of your home healthcare agency can be time-consuming and challenging, taking you away from focusing on your caregivers and the patients they serve. Even simple tasks like charting, payroll, and billing can become an administrative nightmare in the absence of the proper home healthcare software suite. You want to ensure that your agency is prepared for the upcoming Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) compliance deadline, and GeoH is here to help. Offering simplified home healthcare solutions for all types of administrative tasks, our innovative mobile app makes streamlining procedures easier than you thought possible. Check out the multiple ways your agency can benefit from GeoH and schedule your demo online today!

How Can You and Your Employees Benefit from GeoH?

The ways in which GeoH can help your home healthcare agency are virtually endless. It can help you prepare for EVV compliance, automate time-consuming manual tasks, track your workers’ time and attendance, and revamp your payroll, billing, and charting procedures.

Prepare for EVV Compliance

The deadline for EVV compliance is January 1, 2020. Is your home healthcare agency ready? If not, now is the time to streamline your processes and procedures so that you can avoid incurring unnecessary fines and troublesome license suspensions. Thanks to GeoH, you can resolve some of the most frustrating aspects of running your agency while also reforming your current procedures to comply with EVV regulations.

Automate Manual Tasks

Let’s face it: time is money. When you and your caregivers waste valuable time on manual data entry, you’re not serving patients as efficiently as you could be. The result is decreased productivity and revenue. GeoH provides innovative home healthcare solutions for you and your employees by automating several types of manual administrative tasks. This maximizes your time and efforts, which can lead to increased employee and patient satisfaction rates.

Track Time and Attendance

In the absence of home healthcare software, one of the manual tasks that likely consumes a bulk of your time is scheduling. It is critical that you have a streamlined scheduling process to ensure that patients receive the care they need and that your employees’ time and services are accounted for. GeoH lets you take this time-consuming task to the next level by electronically tracking appointment times, caregiver clock-in times, length of visits, and more.

Streamline Payroll and Billing

When you are responsible for ensuring your patients receive the quality care they deserve, the last thing you want to do is spend hours of your time populating payroll figures and auditing billing records. With GeoH, you can streamline your home healthcare agency’s accounting processes by having your caregivers’ hours, notes, services, and attendance at your fingertips in a format that is easy to export for surveyor audits.

Simplify Charting Procedures

Paper notes and charts are slowly becoming a thing of the past. In fact, in order for your home healthcare agency to be EVV compliant, your caregivers must electronically document much of the same information they would on a traditional paper chart. GeoH is easy to integrate into your existing practices and procedures, allowing you to enjoy a smooth transition between paper and electronic charting, as well as reduced risk of error in manual charting.

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If you are searching for home healthcare solutions that will help your agency automate manual tasks, track time and attendance, streamline your payroll and billing, and simplify your caregiver’s charting procedures, then look no further than GeoH. This innovative mobile app for home healthcare agencies can do all of this and more, enabling your agency to operate more efficiently and prepare for the January 1, 2020 EVV compliance deadline.

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