Agency administrators have all their caregivers, clients, and care services at their fingertips following GeoH’s white-glove implementation. This innovative home healthcare application assesses new patients and schedules new appointments in seconds. Additionally, you can change caregiver assignments and client care plan services for any shift.

Our home healthcare application allows you to download all caregiver hours for payroll and billing, along with caregiver notes, to have real-time knowledge and proof of care.

Caregivers have individualized logins with our home healthcare application software which displays their calendar and service assignments from the administrator, allowing them one-touch access to their daily schedule.

GeoH navigates the caregiver to the client, will confirm they arrived and when they got there, will show the care plan for that visit,  will verify completion of care tasks, and log the caregiver out when they leave. Mileage between visits or for client needs can also be tracked.