By January 1, 2020, all agencies providing any Attendant Care, Homemaker, and/or Home Health Aide services are required to meet the mandated Electronic Visit Verification (E.V.V.) requirements. Failing to do so will result in potential fines and license suspension. Simply put, the 21st Century Cures Act is meant to decrease fraud and protect people, insurers, and Medicaid. Fortunately, your agency can get E.V.V compliant and improve your business at the same time with our innovative home healthcare software application.

E.V.V. Compliance Made Easy

What are the E.V.V. requirements? Every caregiver visit must electronically verify:

1. Location of the healthcare service performed
2. Type of service performed
3. Date on which the service was provided
4. Time the service began and ended
5. Individual patient receiving the service
6. Individual caregiver providing the service

There are currently only three ways that have been approved to accomplish E.V.V.:
1. GPS tracking
2. Calling from a landline with a password generator
3. Bio-metrics from fingerprints or voice recognition

GPS tracking is the simplest and least expensive method of ensuring E.V.V. compliance since the caregiver simply arrives at the location of service without any additional telephony charges for each visit. With our home healthcare software application, the caregiver can only check in when they have arrived, and they are prompted to log out when they leave.

Benefits of Our Home Healthcare Software Application

Here’s the good news: implementing E.V.V. with GeoH will, at the same time, solve the most frustrating aspects of running your agency in addition to ensuring E.V.V. compliance.


• No more using paper time cards and notes, and having to track them down
• No more incorrect, lost, or fraudulent caregiver documentation
• No more manual entry of hours. Simply download a .CSV file of all hours, notes, and mileage
• No more QA to verify every manual entry is accurate
• Integrates with payroll providers through a file upload eliminating manual input
• Track mileage and where caregivers go while with patients/clients
• Schedule new patients with available caregivers, and see who is not covered for the day or week
• Know that day what tasks were completed or declined in real time
• Perform an in-home assessment or add a new caregiver immediately in the home healthcare software application
• Alter patient care based on needs and classification to make sure charting is 100-percent compliant
• Ability to track hours of caregivers to minimize overtime
• Know how many hours are billed per patient/client at any point in time
• Eliminate fines and licensing risks from incorrect billings and charting

How many hours does your staff spend each week doing all of the above? There is no time like the present to get compliant and finally put the administrative nightmares behind you.