Home Healthcare Management Software

GeoH is an innovative mobile app for home healthcare agencies and providers that can help streamline your processes, billing, scheduling, and more. Aside from helping your company prepare for the January 1, 2020 E.V.V. deadline, our app can help you save time and money by reducing the number of manual tasks you complete.

Administrators and Office Managers:

• How much time per week do your staff and caregivers spend on manual data entry?

• What if every caregivers’ hours for payroll, every note from every visit, and every mile they drove could be downloaded with one click?

• What if that file download could be simply uploaded to your payroll provider?

• What if you all your billing data for the week or month was available with the touch of a button and didn’t need to be QA’d by staff?

• What if you never had to wonder if your caregiver’s hours and mileage were accurate?

• What if you never had to ask the caregiver if all the clients’ services were performed?

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